Monday, July 16, 2012

LGPS 2014 ballot - Vote YES to protect your future (& ignore the miserablists)

From UNISON eFocus today. There will be a ballot on the new proposed Local Government Pension Scheme 2014.

UNISON members who work for my employer and in my branch have voted overwhelmingly in favour of accepting the deal. This will keep a world class guaranteed pensions scheme for all and stop the discrimination of low paid women in favour of highly paid senior management and Chief Executives.

The ballot will start on 31 July and last until 24 August. You can also vote on-line.

While there are some who have genuine reservations about the proposal, there is also a miserablist opposition who are simply mischief making and doing all they can to distort and undermine the new scheme.

Through our arguments, campaigning and collective action we have defended the LGPS and retained a world class guaranteed defined benefit pension scheme. 

Some people simply don't know how to quit when they are ahead!

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