Thursday, September 08, 2011

Quarriers..."a charity that is going to make the workers children, the poorest children"

YouTube of the rally in Glasgow on Tuesday following the unprecedented strike by UNISON members in Scottish "Charity" Quarriers, who are facing massive cuts to their pay and conditions. Ironically a Charity that was formed 140 years ago to tackle child poverty will now expect its workers to bring up their children on poverty wages.

Last night at the House of Commons, member's of UNISON Housing Association Branch Labour link lobbied the Labour shadow Housing Minister, Alison Seabeck MP on the battle Quarriers members are fighting in order to preserve their livelihoods.

Hat tip to "UnionNews reports from Glasgow as hundreds of UNISON members at one of Scotland's largest social care charities, Quarriers held a day of strike action on 6th September against pay cuts of up to 23%. Campaigners from other unions and anti-cuts groups say Westminster, Holyrood and local government cuts risk damaging services provided by those who care for some of the most vulnerable people".

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