Monday, September 26, 2011

#Lab11 Labour Party Conference Liverpool 2011

This picture is from the inside of the ACC, Kings Dock, Liverpool next to the conference floor.  I arrived yesterday afternoon from Cardiff after the Unison Community Seminar

The Labour Party conference is a huge event with thousands of people attending.  It is not just about the debates and speeches on the conference floor that you see on the telly.  Meetings and fringes start as early as 8am and go on all day until the early hours.  They are often more interesting than much of conference business.

I am not a delegate for my union or CLP but here in an "ex-officio" capacity as a Labour Councillor which means that I can visit any part of the conference, speak but I cannot vote on motions or take part in ballots.  Not being a delegate gives you more time to spend outside the conference floor.  Obviously this is in my own time and at my own expense.

I hope to blog on conference fringes and debates that I attend at least daily.  Usually the day afterwards. 

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