Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TUC Congress 2011: Pension Strike Ballot on!

Congress has just voted unanimously to support Composite 5. UNISON General Secretary proposed the composite and in his speech  announced that UNISON (and the other public sector unions) will be writing to over 9000 employer’s that they will be balloting for strike action over pensions. Over one million UNISON members could be called out.

Dave reminded everyone that the average pension for women workers in Local Government is only £59 per week. The 57% increase in pensions is a tax on public service workers who have saved for their future. Not a penny of these rises is going to the schemes but to the treasury to pay for the deficit created by the failure of the banking system. Enough is enough. The unions will still negotiate anyplace, anytime and anywhere but it is now the time to take our stand. It will be hard and we will be attacked and vilified. Now is not the time for gesture politics or hollow rhetoric.  We are determined, we are united – fighting for what is right, fighting for our members: Hands off our pensions!'."

There was a standing ovation for Dave when he finished.


Anonymous said...

This is good news and we should work our bloody socks off to deliver a yes vote and effective action.
However, I don't think our case is helped by morons who are talking about 3.5 million people being on strike on Nov 30, which they've calculated by simply adding up membership figures of the TUs involved. Sure the vast majority of Unison members will be balloted, but Unite's public sector membership is not massive, and the GMB can't afford to ballot cos their records are crap and they don't have the money or the organistaion to deliver. We've got to be clear-headed about this, not rose-tinted.
OK, let's get on with it!

John Gray said...

Hi anon

Agreed, Clear-headed, lets get on with it and deliver.

(Not sure how accurate your statement is about GMB?)

Anonymous said...
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John Gray said...

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