Monday, September 26, 2011

#Lab11 TULO fringe

My first event of conference (Sunday) was the TULO fringe.  TULO is the organisation set up by trade unions who are affiliated to the Labour Party. It was packed out with trade unionists who listened to speeches by trade union leaders and MP's.  I had only just arrived from Cardiff and I missed Labour Leader Ed Miliband speech to the meeting which ended just as I walked into the hall.  However, there was tremendous applause for his speech.

I wondered if the media will report this rather than the misrepresentation they made of the last speech he made to trade unions that I heard at this year's TUC Congress?

As he walked out of the room his PA kindly offered to take "a picture". Afterwards I met up with the Unison delegation and some of us went off to the Co-op/SERA/Labour Housing Group fringe.

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