Friday, September 23, 2011

UNISON National Community Service Group Seminar: Motion on Pension Strike

I'm in Cardiff for the first ever UNISON Community Service Group Seminar which starts this evening.  The picture is of the statute of Nye Bevan which overlooks Cardiff Castle. The Community Executive met beforehand and passed unanimously this motion.  I attended as a NEC member.


This SGE notes the decision of public sector unions, under the auspices of the TUC, to ballot for a day of industrial action on 30 November in defence of public sector pensions and to get ministers to withdraw their current proposals for change. The SGE also notes that:

· Further consideration will be given to what further action may be appropriate under the auspices of the TUC beyond 30 November if progress is not achieved

· Other unions and organisations will be organising events in the run-up to the day of industrial action

· There will be events organised to involve communities, service users and those not taking industrial action running alongside strike action on 30 November

While welcoming other activities being organised before and alongside industrial action, this SGE endorses the steps taken to prepare for industrial action mandated by UNISON conferences and resolves to support a ballot for industrial action on 30 November, supported by other public service unions, announced at the TUC. This SGE therefore requests the National Secretary to initiate a ballot for strike action on 30 November as provided for within UNISON’s Industrial Action procedures".
It is going to be a busy, busy few weeks.  Ballot papers for strike action will be out soon.  I'll post on the rest of the Seminar over the weekend.

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