Monday, April 27, 2009

Bullying in the Workplace Petition and Workers Memorial Day tomorrow.

I’ve received this email from anti-bullying campaigner Vicky Gray (no known relation!). Bearing in mind that it is Workers Memorial Day tomorrow I thought I would post a link to her petition.

By co-incidence yesterday I was watching the London marathon from next to the Statute of the Building Worker opposite the Tower of London. Where people will be gathering tomorrow morning at 10.15am.

With the current recession employees need more protection in the workplace. I have started a new petition to Stop Bullying in The Workplace. It's called 09Bullying could you please sign it and pass it on to all members? When you complete the petition - it will email you a link which you have to click to actually have your name added to the list. Please do remember to check your spam folder if your email doesn't appear and make sure your name is on the list!

Stop Bullying in the workplace

40% of UK organisations still do not have an effective policy bullying. Introduce legislation that makes it compulsory that all workplaces have an effective policy on bullying. All organisations will submit a report on how many staff have submitted grievances or complained of bullying to the local newspapers who will report the bullying figures. Reports repeatedly reveal that between 10-50% of employees experience bullying which prevents them from fulfilling their duties the absence of legislation on bullying at work leaves both employees and employers unprotected.

Bullying is the cause of under performance, not the solution. Stress is now the number one cause of sickness absence; bullying is a major cause of stress. The cost of bullying to industry and taxpayers is estimated to at least £12 billion annually. The cost of conflict in the workplace could be in excess of £20-30 billion annually. This is equivalent to a hidden tax burden of over £1000 per working adult per year. Protect the worker change the law.
Vicky Gray

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