Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Workers Memorial Day – “Remember the dead but fight for the living”.

Today Islington MP Emily Thornberry joined local Councillors and trade union members to mark Workers Memorial Day.

Emily helped plant a cherry tree in a new London housing development in tribute to those who have died at work or due to work related ill-health.

Immediately beforehand at noon Tuesday 28 April 2009 there was a minute’s silence. The event was jointly organised by Circle Anglia UNISON housing association members and Circle Anglia Group by its joint health and safety committee.

Workers Memorial Day is an internationally recognised event where those who have been killed in accidents at work or who have died of industrial diseases such as asbestos related cancer are remembered. It is also a campaigning day on promoting health & safety at work issues.

A purple “forget-me-not” is worn to remember those who have died.

The ceremony took place at the new Circle Anglia shared ownership development at the Blue Court, Sherbourne Street, Islington, N1 3FJ. One reason why the site was chosen was that the previous building had to be demolished due to large amount of asbestos in it.

John Gray UNISON convenor at Circle Anglia and Housing Association Branch safety officer said:

UNISON estimate that some 1,600 people are killed each year due to work related accidents and some 50,000 die every year from work related illnesses including cancer. Today we must all remember the dead but also campaign for the living. Employers and unions must work together to do all they can to protect people at work”.

Islington UNISON member Cathy Daniels said:

This day reminds people why health & safety is important. It is not about kill joys stopping “egg and spoon races” it is about real hazards affecting real people”.

Emily Thornberry MP said:

A large number of people die each year from work-related accidents or illnesses and so I am pleased to support the important work that UNISON members do to protect workers.”

Check out Prime Minister Gordon Brown statement on Workers Memorial Day (WMD) and the press release from DWP on consultation about this day being nationally recognised! Also the excellent UNISON website on WMD 2009 and the Health & Safety Executive website on WMD.

Picture (l-r)
John Gray UNISON convenor Circle Anglia Housing Association, Cllr Paul Smith, Robert Brown Circle Anglia Safety Manager, Emily Thornberry MP Islington South and Finsbury, “Growing Concern” Gardeners Pasquale Calabresey and Jim Kelly, Islington UNISON member Cathy Daniels and Cllr James Murray.

(hat-tip thingy based on UNISON Housing Association branch Press release)


Anonymous said...

Next Moday it's thirty years to the day that Mrs. Thatcher was first elected PM - marking the turning point for this country from the days of unreconstructed socialism to true democratic freedom - rejoice!

John Gray said...

Hi Anon
Wot! Mrs T happy about the modern nationalisation of the commanding heights of the economy? This is "true democratic freedom"? Well I never! Is your first name Mandy?

Anyway matey this day is about serious stuff – life, death and all that. I suppose I should have kept the words shorter for you to understand. Next year!

Anonymous said...

John, who is your pet Tory poster ?

Maybe he or she (although I suspect he )forgets that although Maggie destroyed up much , even she did not repeal the Health and Safety at Work Act.