Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jack Jones has died

Just got message from Col. Roi that Jack Jones (see photo with black beret), Trade Union leader, Labour Party supporter and International brigade fighter against fascism has died age 96 last night (Tuesday).

A great man and a great life.

This is a true end of an era.

I’ll post something in more detail later this week.


Alex said...

Sad news. We've created an online tribute where people can leave memories and messages of condolence for Mr Jones at

Anonymous said...

I remeber going to a health meeting with Jack

he was speaking that day

even in his late 1980's, he finished the meeting and was off to catch the bus (1 and half hour journey) home to Camberwell

we had to beg him to get into a taxi we had secured for him

What a truly great man

Anonymous said...

They should rename the Pensioners travel "Freedom Pass" the Jack Jones Pass

as it was he who fought for it and his members who drive the buses and trams

John Gray said...

thanks Alex for the site and Anon for your comments. Yes, a great idea - the Jack Jones Pass!

Anonymous said...

The chanpion of the Union closed shop is dead

John Gray said...

Hi Anon 18.47

...and the problem is?