Saturday, December 08, 2012

Fund managers index of shame

Fair Pensions have issued their latest rankings of "ethical" fund managers.

Which to be absolutely frank is deeply disturbing. Especially since many fund managers who claim to be ethical would be appearing to act in a completely irresponsible and unresponsive manner?

How on earth can only 11% of fund managers screen out child labour? Does that mean that the other 89% think its a good idea kids don't go to school and spend their formative years in sweat shops?

Why  do so called ethical fund managers refuse to respond to such surveys? What on earth do they have to hide?

What is going on? 2/3 of funds that claim to to ethical do not even engage with the companies they own?

Some of fund managers who performed badly (to be polite) are employed by pension funds that I am a trustee on. I will look forward to some interesting conversations in the future with them on this subject. 
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