Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday morning: £, rules change, equalities and health

The day started off with an upbeat Jack Dromey giving a finance report. The Party is in a much better financial shape than I thought. There was a welcome commitment that “give to win” donations during the next several months will only be used for the General election campaign and not to pay off existing debts.

Next there was a bit of excitement and even almost a bun fight over proposed rule changes.

Followed by a very good debate on Equalities. Harriet Harman gave a cracking speech rightly promoting Labour as the Party of Equality and bashing both Tories and the Sun (which has typically come out with some silly and negative coverage of the conference).

The Health debate had a number of positive CLP and trade union contributions. Health Secretary Andy Burnham announced the removal of parking costs at hospitals for inpatients. Great news - this is the Party doing the right thing both morally and politically.

Labour blogger Luke Akehurst (on the left for a change – of the picture I mean) who has been seriously ill spoke movingly of his NHS treatment and his thanks not only for the doctors and nurses but also the hospital cleaners, the cooks and the drivers. He pointed out that he and his fellow patients got their treatment “because they needed it not because they could afford it”
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