Tuesday, September 15, 2009

John’s Labour blog: The Number One (ish) Trade Union Blog 2009

John’s Labour Blog has for the second year in a row been declared as the “Number One Union” blog by TIGMOO an “aggregator service for blogs about unions and unionism in the UK” which links to 120 UK union blogs.

TIGMOO ranks the 25 top union blogs and describes this blog as

1: John's Labour blog (1)
Last year’s top spot retained again for this blog by a UNISON convenor reporting on his work and union issues in general. The blog has a strong focus on Labour party activism through the UNISON Labour Link and on developments for union pensions activists.

The blogs in the TIGMOO network have been ranked according to four equally weighted factors: Traffic ratings generated by Alexa.com, number of posts in the last 8 weeks, number of comments in that time, and the number of inbound links found by Google”.

Please note that TIGMOO also state “these measures have a huge margin
of error, especially when dealing with smaller sites, and of course measuring quantity doesn’t always predict quality, though all the 25 listed here are certainly well worth checking out

TIGMOO started off this rating last year during the TUC annual congress and state that “This guide is a play on Iain Dale’s Total Politics Guide to Political Blogs, which annually ranks hundreds of blogs from across the political spectrum”

Not that I pay much attention to such stuff – after all - was I at all bovvered that the wreakers and splitters at Tory Boy Iain Dales “Total Politicssabotaged my top 100 “Left Wing” ranking this year?

No, of course not. All the true bloggers I have ever met have been honest, gentile, mild mannered, consensual, polite, modest, moderate, uncompetitive and contemplative souls, who simply poor scorn on the very idea of such ranking and league tables and surely agree whole heartedly with this very sound sentiment below (but nothing else)

"If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same"


Mike Law said...

Congratulations John.

Wasn't Kipling a Conservative?

John Gray said...

Thanks Mike
There is good in everyone – even a Tory!

However, I am prepared to make an exception in ....

Anonymous said...

Magnificent result John - good on you for being consistently the most readable and informative blog on the UNISON left!

Unknown said...

Oh John you must be so proud....

*Weeps tears of joy at John's magnificent achievement and my own quite remarkable spelling...

ModernityBlog said...

well done, John.

A bit of a shame that TIGMOO don't release that listing as a HTML as well as a PDF, cos a PDF only tends to restrict its usage and spread across the web (it won't show up in search engines etc)

John Gray said...

cheers Comrades!

John said...

A very good tip thanks Modernity! (can you tell it was done in a little bit of a rush?). I've rectified here: http://www.tigmoo.co.uk/?q=node/341

ModernityBlog said...


Good stuff, I've even posted on it.

Sill, that TUC boycott motion was silly.