Sunday, September 27, 2009

TULO reception - the union movement at the "Heart of Labour"

Straight after the conference all the West Ham delegation went off to the TULO (Labour Party affiliated trade unions and Trade union MPs) reception in the Hilton hotel.

We were not sure which room it was in - so when we saw Paul Kenny (GMB General Secretary) we decided to follow him. He led us to the wrong room but eventually we all found the right one.

The enviable surprise guest was of course Gordon Brown. What I found interesting is that in the speeches beforehand I thought the “mood music” by the union General Secretaries I heard about the Labour government has changed. There was pretty whole hearted and positive enthusiasm for the Government and Labour. There are still “problems” but there does seem to be a much, much better appreciation of Labour than previously.

I don’t think this is just because there is a General Election in the offering. Is the Mandy magic working?

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