Sunday, February 12, 2023

Labour LGA Conference 2023 - Campaign Workshops


I am back home this evening after attending the annual Labour Local Government Association conference in Nottingham. It was a a great conference, with lots of practical ideas for Labour Councillors but also very inspiring as it seems (touch wood, fingers crossed, don't trust polls, need to work still very hard etc. etc.) that we need to change from being the "official opposition" to be being a real "Government in waiting". 

I arrived late yesterday and was only able to attend one of the 30 workshops held that day on "Digital Ward Councillor: The Basics" led by Cllr Michael Payne, Gedling Council, Deputy Leader LGA Labour Group. Which despite being a longstanding Labour social media "warrior" was excellent and I learnt a lot. I will post more on the conference during the next few days. 

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