Friday, February 17, 2023

Emergency Fundraising Dinner for Turkiye & Syria - Sisters Forum

This evening I went to support a fundraising dinner being held for disaster relief of victims of the recent deadly earthquake in Turkey and Syria.  I think all of us have been pretty shocked by the media footage of the death and devastation caused and the plight of the survivors. 

The hall was fully booked and well supported by local residents including the Mayor, Chair of Council and other Councillors. Also many people from outside Newham. 

There was a number of powerful speakers but the most powerful and personal one was by Hulya Yilmza, who is from the region in Turkey that has been most affected. She described the loss of her family members and friends and some of the horrible injuries they had suffered. 

Many thanks to my Councillor colleague, Sabia Kamali, the Sisters Forum and sponsors for organising this important event so quickly and running it so well. 

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