Friday, February 24, 2023

COVID-19 (again)


I been feeling under the weather lately and felt that I had a "lergie" (winter cold) coming on. This afternoon I was supposed to be carrying some joint visits with Police to see some tenants. So I thought that I better do a COVID test but felt pretty sure I didn't have it. I had brought some tests a while ago from Boots. I think they cost £8 for a pack of 4 tests. 

It was the "nose only" one which is much better than the throat swabs. To my astonishment it showed positive very quickly. I am double vaccinated with Oxford/AstraZeneca, then had Pfizer booster in 2021 and Moderna in 2022.  

I had COVID during Christmas 2021, which was pretty unpleasant due to a very painful sore throat but so far, the symptoms this time are mild and just like a common cold - tiredness, blocked nose, sneezing, slight cough, slight temperature etc. The vaccinations don't stop you from catching COVID but they are very effective at protecting people from being caused serious harm. Effective does not mean 100% protection.

While I am fed up at being stuck indoors until Tuesday, according to the NHS COVID app (I believe it is okay to go outside for fresh air in the open as long as you avoid people but take a mask) I am pleased that I did the test because of possible contact with vulnerable people who have an underlying health condition. 

Many thanks to my ward colleague, John Whitworth, for agreeing to cover my Councillor surgery tomorrow morning but it seems that I will miss Full Council meeting on Monday. 

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