Monday, February 14, 2022

#HeartUNISON #HeartUnions week 14-20 Feb: Celebrating the work of unions

This week is "Love Unions" week. So check out why Labour's new deal for workers is so important  Sectorial bargaining alone in my sector will be a game changer for the lives of millions of low paid, insecure and vulnerable workers. 

I really cannot understand how some union leaders appear to think that getting rid of the Tories at the next general election, somehow, does not matter????

"A Labour government will:
  • strengthen rights at work for all workers, from day one on the job;
  • end fire and rehire;
  • make work more family-friendly, and make it easier to balance work with home, community and family life;
  • ban zero-hours contracts and ensure everyone has the right to regular hours they can rely on;
  • strengthen trade union rights, raising pay and conditions;
  • bring in fair pay agreements to drive up pay and conditions for all workers, using sectoral collective bargaining".

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