Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Message to our General Secretary Christina from a female UNISON member

"Hi Christina 

Trust you are well

I'm writing to  express my concern and dismay about the President Paul Holmes  addressing Women's  Conference next week. 

It is my understanding that he has now been dismissed by the Employer following allegations of Bullying and harassment of women he managed. 

I also understand that the two Vice Presidents offer him their unconditional support.  This is unfortunate and they  should  at least have the courtesy to be impartial given the complainants are themselves women and members. 

 I believe this gives the completely wrong message to Women delegates. Women are the life blood of UNISON  and look to our Union for progressive policies; support and leadership on Equalities. 

All Trade Unionists as I do embrace positive change. Sadly the faction group now in control of our NEC, Time for Real Change, seem to have forgotten some of the  fundamentals  that is democracy and accountability.  

I regret I have have had to write  to you but  believe that this can only reflect badly on UNISON in the long-term and we cannot allow women members over 75% to lose trust in our great union. 

With Kind Regards", 

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