Monday, February 21, 2022



by Carole Jones

The trend for more interviews via Zoom or Facetime, etc. continues to grow, and it is essential that UNISON’s voice is heard. Many of us will have become familiar with online meetings, but for media interviews it really is a different technique, and a matter of giving yourself the chance to get your points across effectively, and looking and sounding your best.

Here’s our ten top tips for appearing in media video interviews.

1. If approached to give an interview, contact the UNISON Press Office, and let them have the following information about the interview:

- the time and date of the proposed interview

- the name of the programme and the news organisation conducting the interview e.g. BBC TV News, LBC radio etc.
- the subject
- if known, the name of the interviewer

2. Think about the one or two key points you want to get across, and the simplest way of

saying them.

3. Think about the counter-arguments that might be put to you and the most effective way of

responding to those.

4. Check your connection (visual and audio) by conducting a quick test of it with a friend

5. Position your phone, computer, or camera safely at eye-level (this avoids looking down into the camera, giving the impression of looming over the viewer, and perhaps looking menacing!)

6. Place a lamp or other light source behind your computer etc so that your face is properly illuminated.

7. Think about what is in your background. If you’ve got UNISON material you can display, all

the better. But keep it simple, not too busy.

8. Just before the interview check yourself out in a mirror for messy hair or food-stains!

9. Let others in your household know you’ll be doing the interview so you are not disturbed.

10. Speak as clearly as you can.

Good luck!

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