Saturday, December 18, 2021

Triple Jabbed but I have still caught Covid - be careful out there (But still get Jabbed)

Yesterday (Friday) I got "pinged" on my NHS Covid-19 "Track & Trace App". As did a colleague who I had lunch with last Saturday. I felt fine except I hadn't been sleeping that well since Wednesday. I had taken a Lateral Flow test on Thursday which was negative and I happily cycled to Ilford for a PCR test as recommended. When I got back I took another LFT which was also negative. So I was feeling fairly confidant that I would be in the clear. 

Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling like I have rather unpleasant "Man Flu"" and the PCR came back this afternoon as positive. I did a LFT as well, which this time was positive (which shows they work when you are infectious). 

This is a blow since I have had to cancel going over to see my Mum in North Wales for Christmas (for obviously the 2nd year running). 

While I had hoped that I would avoid getting Covid after being triple jabbed (my booster was on Nov 21) it is clear that vaccines do not offer 100% protection against infection but hopefully will prevent me from hospitalisation (or worse). 

"Track & Trace" only want my "contacts" details since Monday, so I suspect that I caught Covid at work on Monday when I represented someone in person as a trade union rep at a formal meeting. For various reasons it could not be held virtually. I had been super careful since.

So the message is - don't take anything for granted just because you are fully vaccinated but still encourage everyone to get jabbed. Being infected is one thing but if the hospitals get clogged up with cases then this could turn very serious. 

Check out the Newham Council list of vaccination sites for next week (above) and Sunday  

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