Wednesday, December 01, 2021

More Corrupt Practices by Ultra Left Extremists & Cultists in UNISON NEC.

Check out the comments today of former UNISON President Gordon Mckay (and NHS Nurse) on the latest move by our current NEC to allow our union to be controlled and ultimately destroyed by Ultra left extremists and cults.

"UNISON NEC today agreed rule changes to the election procedures to allow election candidates to take donations from political parties, organisations and businesses without having to declare them and without cash limit.

We rightly condemn the Tories for not declaring donations from big business who buy influence, but our Time for Real Change colleagues apparently are okay with political parties buying such influence with us and keeping it a secret from our members.

The question you have to ask is why? When I wanted to move amendments the Vice President accepted a motion to refuse to allow any amendments to be debated.

If UNISON members want a trade union that is open, transparent and free from outside control we need to start working now to get our union back".

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