Tuesday, December 11, 2018

My NEC Report to UNISON Community Service Group Executive (SGE) 28 November 2018

Dear SGE Members

Further to my last NEC report to SGE on 3 October 2018. Apologies for the lateness of this report and that I will only be able to stay for a short while at this meeting since I will have to travel to Birmingham to attend another UNISON meeting (in order to ensure that quorum is met).

In this report I hope to outline my attendance and activities as an NEC member on National sub-committees and other bodies that I am a member of due to my position as a lay elected NEC member.

TUC Congress in Manchester 9-12 September

This year I was a UNISON delegate to TUC congress. The annual “Parliament” of the Trade Union movement which took place in Manchester to honour the 150th anniversary of the first ever Congress. I have made various reports on my personal blog for example https://www.johnslabourblog.org/2018/09/tuc-congress-2018-celebrating-150-years.html

Policy Development and Campaigns Committee (PDCC)

This is one of the most important strategic UNISON NEC committees. As is suggested by its name it researches, debates and recommends to the NEC on our key policies and campaigns. We met last week and discussed over 40 reports and recommendations including Brexit, Housing policy, privatisation, anti-racism etc.

UNISON Industrial Action Committee (IAC)

I was elected as Vice Chair by NEC colleagues of this important committee. The Chair and Vice Chair (both of us are lay members) approve all requests by Branches and Service Groups for industrial action (including Strikes). I am pleased that we have never rejected any request, however that doesn’t mean that we don’t have some comradely exchanges from time to time with branches and officials on the detail of some requests.

UNISON Staff Pension Scheme Trustee

I am a trustee of this scheme as an employer (NEC) representative and Chair of its Investment & Accounts sub committee. The scheme is in my view a model of pension good governance with 50% of the trustees appointed by the employer (UNISON) and 50% by its staff (the recognised trade unions). I think that all pension trustee boards (including the Local Government Pension Scheme) should have similar governance arrangements.

National Labour Link Committee

I am elected as a NEC representative on this committee by those who are Labour Link political fund levy payers which also met recently and discussed regional reports, impact of trade union bill, Labour Party business and Parliamentary work.

UNISON Welfare Board of Trustees

UNISON has its own self-help charity for its members called “There for You”. I am one of the NEC Trustees for the Board (and new link Trustee for Wales). “There for you” gives fantastic support for our members who are going through health, personal or financial crisis’s and its work makes me so proud of our union.

Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Service Group Liaison Forum

I am currently Vice Chair of this forum via the PDCC which is dedicated to protecting and promoting the LGPS and Capital Stewardship issues.

NEC meeting

Due to another calendar clash I was not able to attend the UNISON EC meeting on 17 October 2018 but there is a very good report on the UNISON Website here


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss any aspect of my report or any other NEC related issue.

John Gray
NEC Member Community (General Seat)

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