Saturday, October 06, 2018

New UNISON Convenor to Clarion Housing Group: Joseph Ogundemuren

Passing on the baton as the new UNISON Convenor of Clarion Housing Group to Joseph Ogundemuren (middle of picture) following a unanimous decision at meeting of activists last month.

Joseph is a proactive and experienced UNISON steward, member of the London branch Executive and existing staff council member. After 11 years as a local  convenor I am so pleased to be handing over to someone who is competent and capable.

Of course this always happens when people move on in UNISON... :)

While I am still an employee and a steward, I am on unpaid leave of absence to carry out my duties in Newham. I will still help out but have limited capacity due to obvious reasons. But I am still around and will always consider myself to be a Labour movement activist, first and foremost, until the day I die.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph I'm based in Morden and we need to speak to you urgently regarding various issues . Please call me on 02037845954 or send me your email .

John Gray said...

I do not want to put his email on a public platform can you ring the branch office on on 020 7697 4030 and ask for him to be sent a message.

Unknown said...

How to get Sam lennon