Monday, May 14, 2018

UNISON "there for you" helping out our low paid members with the cost of school uniforms 2018

One of the many things that I am proud of in my trade union UNISON is its charitable arm "There for you" (which I am one of its trustees). Every year we hold a campaign to help low paid UNISON members pay for school uniforms for their children.

We must get the message out better since there are huge numbers of our members who are eligible but are either not aware or need help filling out the forms. UNISON branch welfare officers are key to getting the message out but all our activists should do their bit to spread the word.

"There For You are offering a one off grant of £40 per school age child up to a max total of £120 for help with school uniforms.
To be eligible you must be:
  • A member who has paid 4 weeks subscriptions before 14 May 2018.
  • Either receive Housing Benefit  (or the housing element of Universal Credit)
  • Or have a total net annual household income of £18,000 or less. (Note by “net income” we mean all salary after tax, national insurance, superannuation etc and including your partner’s salary if applicable and any benefits. However, do not include in your calculation Child Benefit, the childcare element only of Working Tax Credit if paid, Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment)
  • Financially responsible for the child/children
  • Not eligible for funding for uniform costs from you local authority.
Further information is available on the FAQs document listed below.

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