Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Best of Old Labour Should Now Be New Labour

Please read this excellent post by Tom Powdrill at Capital & Labour on his holiday review and modern day comments of the book "Economic Priorities for a Labour Government" by Roy Hattersley, which was published in 1987.

Compare our present economic model to what Roy was recommending.

No wonder countries which have greater equality and industrial democracy such as Germany, Norway, Finland and Sweden have more successful economies than us.

It appears to me at least that the Labour Party under Ed Miliband must continue its journey to re-balance British politics and economics away from the view that unfettered neo-liberalism is best.

Those of  us who genuinely believe in a mixed economy ought to shouting out loud that "the emperor has no clothes".


treborc said...

I think Ed Miliband is well on his way to end up as Tony Blair's successor, I was hoping he was going to be a move away from Progress but his attack on the Unions just ended that, then somebody said what about the election who is going to pay for it and Progress backed off.

Until Progress is gone I do not think many in the labour left will believe that Miliband is anything but another new labour clone.

John Gray said...

Hi Treborc

I don't recognise your view of the Labour political world.

How anyone can really doubt that Ed is not a genuine left of centre Labour leader is just beyond me.

Do I agree with everything he says? Nope. Am I convinced he will be a far, far better Prime Minister than David Cameron.


Nothing more really to say.

Except if you are really a democratic socialist and want the Labour Party to be more "left" - then stop carping, join the Party and get involved.