Thursday, August 07, 2014

Reclaim the Media - Stop Murdoch - Sign the EU Petition

"Three companies, control 70% of our newspapers here in the UK. One of them, Murdoch, has just been thwarted in his ambition to takeover Time Warner, home of HBO, and it's likely he'll now return to his unfinished business of getting full control of BSkyB (which he had to abandon when the hacking scandal broke).

This level of control over the media prevents debate, provides the media control over our politics and police and is bad for democracy.

Please sign an EU petition to trigger a directive to curb the power of media moguls (it's just got 10 days to run) and it would be great if you could tweet or RT too (@hackinginquiry or @Media_Pluralism)

Hacked Off has just posted a blog"

Hat tip Julianne Marriott 

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