Sunday, August 24, 2014

Britain Deserves a Pay Rise - Demo Sat 18 October 2014 (and I'm back)

Back from 2 weeks holiday in Ireland. Will post soon on my impressions of history and politics from a fantastic time in both Dublin and County Kerry.

Feeling very refreshed and relaxed, looking forward to busy year ahead (this feeling will not last very long of course!)

There is a Council by election in Beckton to help fight; a load of trade union and local political issues and the national TUC demo on pay in October to promote (see UNISON poster on left). Last, but not least, will be the the General Election in 2015. Now less than 9 months away.

As the Agent for West Ham CLP, I think it is really important that we do not take anything for granted locally but unless Ed Miliband becomes the next Prime Minister - all of us in West Ham and the country will be stuffed. So we have to help out in the targeted Labour marginals that West Ham have been allocated.

A busy time for all.

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