Tuesday, January 31, 2012

London Marathon 2012 Wk 14: Olympic Park Circuit

Run of the week was a "circuit" (of sorts)  around the London Olympics
2012 Park in Stratford.

I ran from Forest Gate to the Greenway at West Ham. The Greenway was blocked off at the High Street. I tried to rejoin via Blaker Road but this was fenced off. So I went along the canal to Marshgate Lane and eventually came back on the Greenway, stopping off at the view tube to take pictures of the Olympic stadium and the Orbit (see right).

The Orbit at the moment does remind me of the monster aliens from HG Wells "War of the Worlds". But I have little doubt it will eventually become a poplar icon.

Past the Second World War pill box and anti-tank defences then Old Ford Canal Lock.  Do you remember Chris Evans and "The Big Breakfast"? It was filmed here at the Lock Keepers cottage. I use to cycle into work along the towpath and wave at Chris and his guests filming in the garden (they never waved back).  I ran along the towpath (the area has totally changed - there are now Art Galleries, cafes and residential blocks) until the Eastway.  Then there was a long bit of road and pavement towards Spitalfields Market.

I wasted time trying to find a way to cross the A12 at the Asda Retail Park (there isn't one). There were groups of people at the retail park being taken on a guided view point tours around the Olympic site. Eventually made it back to Forest Gate past Leyton Underground and West Ham Cemetery. I was supposed to be running for 90 minutes but it took me 2 hours. It was a good run but a bit of a slog from Leyton onwards. I will post other pictures from the run on FaceBook.

I am running the London marathon in April 2012 sort of using the official advanced training programme and will be raising funds for Homeless Youth charity "Alone in London". Click here to sponsor me.

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