Wednesday, February 01, 2012

UNISON and Family Mosaic agree to talks at ACAS

Hat tip UNISON press release " A planned ballot for industrial action by UNISON members at Family Mosaic Housing Association has been postponed after both parties agreed to hold talks at ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service).

The talks will aim to resolve the dispute over Family Mosaic’s proposals to increase working hours for all front-line staff and substantially
reduce the pay of many social care and support staff.

Family Mosaic has already issued letters of dismissal to all staff members who have not signed new contracts agreeing to the changes. It is anticipated that that threat of dismissal will be postponed whilst talks at ACAS take place.  
London UNISON regional organiser, Colin Inniss stated: “UNISON is genuinely committed to trying to resolve this dispute and we welcome ACAS’s intervention. But any agreed resolution has to be an equitable one. As things currently stand, a large number of our members will have pay cuts ranging from £3,000 to £8,500; a figure which will leave them and their families facing financial misery. Meanwhile, senior management are facing no salary cuts whatsoever. If we cannot get agreement at ACAS, UNISON will be left with no alternatives other than to conduct a formal ballot for strike action and to pursue legal action". Good news - but check out here and here.


Anonymous said...

Dear John, I believe that talks at ACAS are now concluded? I am concerned however that Family Mosaic are continuing their policy of providing new contracts for TUPE'd staff following the purchase of In Touch from Hydemartlet in Southampton. Unison does not seem to know what is currently happening to its members in the south and Family Mosaic are moving swiftly to implement the changes they desire without any resistance.

Anonymous said...

Dear John, I believe talks with ACAS have now concluded.Family Mosaic however are stll going ahead to implement the changes they desire with their new purchase of In touch from Hydemartlet in Southampton. Unison members seem to have been forgotten about here.

John Gray said...

Hi anon
They may be in another region. Please ask them to contact UNISON direct 0845 355 0845 to find out their local UNISON contact details. They must act urgently.

I have sent this info off to the London Regional officer who is dealing.