Thursday, January 19, 2012

Elder Abuse: sign the UNISON e-petition and pass the link on

Check out and please support this petition calling for a Parliamentary debate on Elder Abuse.  They need to get 100,000 supporters.

"This petition has come from the Retired Members of UNISON, but you don't have to be a trade unionist to sign it. It affects everyone and is non-political. The law regarding elderly vulnerable people needs changing for you, and for your family:-

• Due to mental/physical incapacity many older people are as vulnerable as a baby. There would be public outcry if politicians opposed legislation for
care of children as hard as they oppose legislation for care for the elderly.

• There are specific laws protecting children, animals and domestic violence, but only regular laws to protect the Elderly

• We are calling for the introduction of Elderly Abuse Protection Legislation as a matter of urgency.

• As with child abuse, and racial or homophobic hate crimes, incidents of neglect and ill treatment that specifically targets an older person should be a specific criminal offence with additional penalties.

JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN. Sign this petition


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Can I use your picture to do some awareness training on elder abuse please?

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

I can't recall where I got the picture from but believe it was from a free share site for non commercial use.