Sunday, January 15, 2012

Virgin Media Complaint Update: Big Fat Zero

I made a complaint here on 4 January about anti-trade union boss Richard Branson and the treatment that you receive when you try and cancel your Virgin Media Contract. Following which Virgin Media apparently decided to cut off my land line to punish me for daring to make a complaint.  I made a further complaint here but once again, I have had no contact at all with Virgin Media. They are of course ignoring their own complaint procedure. But no surprise there. My phone is still not working.

I've just made a third complaint and have given them 72 hours to respond or I will make a report to the regulator. Not that they are at all bothered about this since the regulator is I understand pretty toothless.

I've had a quick look around Youtube and this clip by the CWU about Virgin Media plans to close its Liverpool office is one of the very few about Branson and Virgin Media that is not so rude as to contravene the Public Order Act. Sign the CWU petition against offshoring jobs here.


Anonymous said...

At least you have a choice to switch to another company. You can thank Thatcher you have many choices.

You seem to waste your time on supporting Virgin airlines staff, yet you can't see the irony of it all. The same Virgin staff did not sympathise with you and help you cancel you contract.

Why do you bother??? ;-)

To make it even funnier, you are now trying to save the jobs of the call centre staff. The very same ones, that have messed you around!! When they employ staff who don't know the BBC is not owned by Virgin.... no wonder the company wants to offshore their staff....

Instead of waisting your time on stopping off shoring, how about fighting for better standards from UK call centres.

You should try calling another call centre on 020 8430 2000 and check their service standards.....

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

I didn't know that Thatcher invented Cable? Busy girl...

No, as I made clear in my actual complaint that I have spoken to a number of very professional VM staff in the past (some dross managers mind). Obviously they are given a script by management and taught to say those things.

Whenever I dial 020 8430 2000 I have been pleased with the service standards :)

Laird Elmski said...

i had to use VM at the flat i was renting short term while i looked for a new house.....I had a bad feeling and yes i was was pony...anyway I have escaped paying the ridiculas fee to leave...but heres my idea why branson isnt a good business man...he has missed a trick...there isnt a single person in the country who would'nt pay a fee say 150 quid to never have to use Virgin media ever...some business man...he could be a billonare..oh yes he is and hangs around making stupid adverts...get a job mate...become an MP or lord or something useful...OFF

Anonymous said...

I dont know much about Liverpol call centre customer service, but I can affirm that the outsourced offshore service that VM employes is anything but tolerable or of any practical use.

I'd go as far as to say that the Scouse do a better job of speaking the Queen's english than the Indian contingent, and that's saying something...

Im happy to sign the petition because the staff are the staff at the end of the day, they are forced to oblige policy and its the policies that are rubbing our noses in it as far as customer services and fairness are concerned.

I just spent an hour writing a complaint of my own to VM on their web form, only to be faced with a broken web form programming, not allowing me to proceed with my complaint. Probably done on purpose to stop complaints going in and wasting paper and time......ignorance is bliss ehh.

But I'm determined even more now to make my point and will take the time to transfer my complaint on paper and send it by snail mail.

I'm even considering making customers aware of their piss taking policies by way of a Facebook petition to see how many people feel the same way. It's a pain but numbers talk at the end of the day.

Branson must be eyeing up Rupert M's throne of monopoly but he obviously is too busy to watch the news over the past year which proves that anyone can be brought down given enough effort and numbers.

John Gray said...

Hi Laird

Apologies for not responding.

Hi Anon

be there and got teeshirt. It is a favourite trick to stop complaints. More than happy to help out with a facebook petition.