Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Spirit Level: IER & UNISON Thursday 9 June

By coincidence I have recently been trying to put together "The Spirit Level Negotiator" briefing note (with help from others). 

Just as it has bad outcomes for our society in general to have gross inequality of income, it is also harmful that there is such a huge gap between the top and the bottom pay levels in individual organisations.

Particularly in the voluntary and community sector (who should know better).

The Hutton report on Fair Pay was surprisingly useful.  I'll post on the Negotiator when its finished.   Hopefully local trade union reps in my sector could use this as resource to bargain over pay with their employers.

If you have never read "The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone" or not heard either of its authors speak, then I urge you to apply for tickets to this event.

(I still have to write up a post about the SERTUC meeting on "The Spirit Level" held earlier this year.)

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