Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Go Now"... Message to the "Dark Side"

After today's antics at UNISON Regional Council I thought I would post some apt mood music.



Luke Skywalker said...

john, how sheer nasty and horrible the trots were today at council. They decided to disrupt the meeting from the off. Shouting, swearing and heckling. Then they have the cheek to try to shout down our guest, an invited speaker from an TUC bed outside organisation! They then walk out in the middle of her speech about stopping child labour and trying to help people on starvation wages Obviously the trots are not interested in these sort of things. they only want to grandstand and hold trotfest demos to make them feel important.

Anonymous said...

So John as part of the London lay leadership how do you want to hear and organise the lay activists in the region? Clearly you and the rest of the leadership are unable to organise a quorate council meeting. So what your plan, do you have one? Do you think it’s ok to just to go on as we are? It would be good to hear some proposals from you rather then just attacks on others. Come on show us your not just a trot bashing machine.

John Gray said...

Hi Luke

I think that deliberately disrupting meetings by shouting, swearing and heckling is unacceptable. Disrupting the speech by our guest speaker from the TUC Playfair Olympic 2012 speaker was simply rude and ignorant. Not what I expect in any meeting of my union.

I have had people asking me to apologise on their behalf for the discourtesy shown to the speakers. There had been plans I understand for some sort of a "protest" which had of course been hijacked by the extremists. Nuf said I think.

Hi Anon

Frankly I do not blame branches for not turning up to council because of the "ruin or rule" extremists who do so much to damage and divide us.

Who wants to turn up to meetings with some loud mouth shouting and screaming because they cannot get their own way? who break the rules decided upon by a democratically elected process?

Until the tiny self appointed cadre of extremists who if they don't get their own way deliberately go out to make things as unpleasant and nasty as possible don’t change their ways I despair of us ever getting a quorate council meeting.

Force of Light and Reason said...

No great surprise but the Chief apologist for the extremist wreckers (and serial London Council election loser) is busy trying to blame everyone but him and his mates for the disgrace of today.

Despite being a self proclaimed trot he wants to hold a show trial and 2 minute hate session for those he thinks are plotting against him. LOL.

Dave said...

OK John ...

Please tell us fair-minded non-Unison type who (allegedly) did what, and why?

Cryptic posts such as this - which I presume is targeting some of my mates - make no sense without context.

John Gray said...

Hi Dave

I really don't know why (althought I can make an informed guess.)It was all rather odd and surreal.

You do probably know all the main actors. Scene: ULU theatre, Mallot St. The regional council meeting kicked off with the Chair trying to explain that since the meeting was inquorate (by about 20% I guess) we cannot take any business and will listen to our invited speakers. There would be another quorum count later.

She was then interrupted by a member of the SPEW heredity aristocracy heckling loudly from the back about what a disgrace it was that this meeting was inquorate etc. Other delegates told her to be quiet and pipe down. Eventually she did but continued to mutter while the first speaker from UNISON national office outlined the union’s campaign against the health and social care bill. After this speaker the Chair announced that the meeting was still inquorate and cannot continue. Usually, inquorate meeting should end immediately however at Council out of a courtesy to the speakers the regional committee has ruled that we allow them to speak before ending the meeting.

At this point a SPEWer in a different part of the hall asked the Chair to address the meeting to make a point. The chair politely refused and explained that the meeting was inquorate and there was to be no debate and introduced the next invited speaker who was from a national TUC campaigning organisation. As the speaker began said SPEWer then got up and loudly marched out of meeting (lovely old fashioned wooden flooring in theatre hall) muttering something or other.

The speaker carried on and was explaining about their campaign to stop child labour and poverty wages when first SPEWER announced it was all a disgrace etc etc and proceeded to leave the room accompanied by about 20 others. The speaker still bravely carried on while this was happening. I could hear shouting and swearing and some sort of disturbance was going on at the back in the foyer. After several minutes it then all went quiet at the back. The speaker gave a superb and inspiring speech which was warmly received by the majority (40-50?) of us who remained.

The only comic moments where when those delegates who had stormed out of the meeting in a such a huff had to sneak back into the hall looking sheepish because they had forgotten to take their coats and bags with them.

The main point is if London branch delegates did not like the way the elected Regional Council Officers and Regional Committee run Council meetings then they can vote us out.

nick venedi said...