Saturday, May 21, 2011

UNISON National Labour Link Forum 2011: London Motion on Public Housing


Motion 11 "The Death and Rebirth of Public Housing". 18 motions have been submitted to this year's National Labour Link Forum. Motion 11 is from London region. Another similar motion has also been submitted by my branch to UNISON National Delegate Conference.

"Forum notes:- 

1) That the ConDem government is proposing cuts to Housing Benefits that will result in financial hardship and even evictions for hundreds of thousands of private and public sector tenants.  

2) Cheaper rental areas will face an influx of people and families. Local education, social and medical services will not be able to cope with such dramatic population changes.

 3) This ConDem government has stopped a hundred year old tradition by all previous political parties of subsidising the cost of building new homes for low income families.  

4) We believe that this is an ideological attack by the ConDem government upon the low paid and those most at need. There is a battle of ideas in housing that at this moment progressives are not winning. 

Forum believes that:

a) The only short term solution to Britain’s housing crisis is the reintroduction of rent controls which will bring down private and public rents to affordable levels.

 b) That the only long term solution to adequately house the 4.5 million on Council waiting lists is to build more homes.   

c) It must be an overriding priority of the next Government that there must be a renaissance and rebirth of good quality, affordable, accountable and secure public housing.

Forum requests that

1. The National Labour Link affiliates to the Labour Housing Group in order to help win the battle of ideas in housing during the next General Election campaign with a focus on points a-c above.

2. The National Labour link encourages regional Labour Link Committees to affiliate to their regional Labour Housing Group and if one doesn’t exist to work with the Regional Labour Party to establish such a group. 

Greater London region

(I'll post the other London motion on "Defending the NHS" later. London Labour Link is applying to affiliate to the Labour Housing Group)

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