Sunday, May 29, 2011

Newham Compass: What is Education for? 15 June 2011


Damien McKee said...

What's your view on those who say the Grammar School's helped working class children to escape and achieve their full potential?

John Gray said...

Hi Damien
They helped "some" working class children. Most did not.

Anonymous said...

Damien Mckee needs to explain which decade those people think they are living in. If the 11+ counties (such as Kent and Buckinghamshire) are to send half their young people to University, the majority of them will be 11+ failures

In today's Job market the number of unskilled jobs is shrinking faster than the number of unskilled workers.

1) Schools need to offer their pupils skills to get into the working class.
2) turning the children of Tradespeople into Professionals is not social mobility, its only keeping place with the changing job market.

John Gray said...

well said anon