Sunday, May 22, 2011

Snowdon 2011: Ranger Path up and Rhyd Ddu down

On Mayday this year I walked up Snowdon with my sisters, Helen and Lucy, for the pleasure of walking and to pay our respects to our father whose ashes we spread on the summit in 2002.  This year Lucy's husband Rob and their (very) grumpy Border terrier, Chili, joined us.  We hadn't been up the Snowdon Rangers path before.

The weather was absolutely glorious apart from the wind.  The route was very quiet compared to the paths on the other side of the mountain.  As we went up the views were outstanding.  It was probably one of the easiest Snowdon climbs to make as well.  We said hello to our Dad at the summit, then made our way down by the Rhyd Ddu path.   This picture is of a white baby Mountain goat (a kid) and the Ranger path is behind.  (double click photo to bring up detail) It was simply wonderful.

On the way down we cut across country to try and go direct to our starting point car park by the Llyn Cwellyn.  We had to walk thorough the remains of a old Copper mine and a massive slate quarry.  It is strange now to think that Snowdonian use to be a heavy industry economic powerhouse.  We got a bit lost at the end so probably best to keep to clear way mark routes. 

It was a wonderful day.  The views were magnificent and out of the wind, it was lovely and warm but we know we were lucky with the weather and that we will pay for this the next time.

I'll post more pictures of the day on Facebook.  Some previous posts on Snowdon walks: Watkins Path (first mention of Chili), Grib Coch (the horror! the horror!) and something poignant.


Jerry Snowden said...

Hope your climbing is better than your spelling. The mountain's name is Snowdon.

John Gray said...

Hi Jerry

Whoops - my climbing is worse than my spelling (which is very poor!).

The mountain is of course actually called "Yr Wyddfa".