Saturday, May 07, 2011

One Year on...West Ham Ward Election Declaration 7 May 2010

Tempus fugit. It's been a year to the day since I was elected with Freda and Ron as Labour Councillors for West Ham Ward in Newham, London.  The term actually began officially on May 10.  While in London (especially in the East) we defeated the Tories and wiped out the BNP, nationally of course, it was a disaster which we are now paying the price.


Damien McKee said...

What's your view on MP Kate Hoey and what's your view on her stance on fox hunting?

John Gray said...

I've never really met her but I know Kate has managed to upset nearly everyone one and every part of the Party at one time or the other.

I don't like any sort of hunting but I wouldn't ban it. The same with fly fishing.

bob smith said...


Just read this comment. I hardly think fly fishing can be compared with Fox Hunting. Why is fly fishing worse than coarse fishing?

John Gray said...

Hi Bob

I think that all forms of hunting for sport (including all forms of fishing)are fundamentally the same.

Mind you the rights or wrongs of fox hunting and sport fishing is not issue that any constituent in West Ham has ever brought to my attention.