Friday, March 27, 2009

Victory to Steve and the Labour Party in Royal Docks By-Election.

Just back from the Count at Newham Town Hall. We now have a new Labour Councillor for the Royal Docks ward, Stephen Brayshaw.

Labour 723
Respect 35
Tories 708
CPA 94

22.81% turnout.

A tight result but in the present political environment I think a stunning victory. I will discuss the result in more detail later (and the let us say “ungracious” comments made by one of the losing candidates).

Congratulations to Steve, our organiser Lisa and everyone in Newham Labour Party for rallying around Steve and the campaign.


ian said...

Too close for comfort, mate, but still under the present circumstances a decent result.


Anonymous said...

I see Royal Dock has gone to the Dogs then!

God help the area.

I need to move out of here now.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that 35 votes for Respect is not to be sniffed at. It's a remarkable result in the present circumstances and shows there is a real desire to turn away from the old-style politics and towards a socialism based on the thoughts of the guru Trotsky and getting into bed with those who want to murder gay people.

Ray Ving-Twitt, Political Spokesperson for the Lambeth Irritants

Anonymous said...

A stunning result when 11% of a borough votes for you?

That politicians failed to connect with 78% of the people living in Royal Docks?

I really dont think so.

Unknown said...

So Steve Won by only 15 votes.

You lot must be scared sh**tless. What do you think you can do to prove yourselves by next year?

It's going to be great to see how Steve (the new Weasel Wales muppet) will try implement anything with his new boss pulling the strings.

I hope that he does good work for the area, but going on what I saw on this campaign with Labour using the dirtiest tactics I've ever heard and seen, I won't hold my breath.

So Mr Brayshaw prove yourself. Don't try to ride bandwagons that you've had nothing to do with e.g. bus services and DO SOMETHING FOR THE COMMUNITY!!! I really hope you can, but I'm not sure it will happen.

Soon to be moving from Royal Docks Resident.

John Gray said...

Hi Ian
Yes, it was a little close. But Newham is still “Tory free” which is nice.

Hi Anon 06.51
If you need any help moving out please let me know. As above – good riddance to bad rubbish and all that.

Hi Ray ving Twitt
Yes, Galloway’s Respect was humiliated at this election. They refused to go on the stage for the returning officer announcement and stormed off in a huff. I wonder what they will do next?

Hi Anon 08.19
I think that considering what has happened with the demography of the area and in the nearby Isle of Dogs it was an excellent political victory over the Tories. Yes, the turnout is too low. I think it is all the politicos fault to a lesser or great degree. However, I also think that residents are on the whole happy with the status quo. A fair bit of grumbling – yes. If things were bad as the opposition parties claimed then we would have been toast.

Hi Barry
Don’t worry it will be a targeted seat next year as well. I guess that the General election could be on the same day as well which will probably double our vote. The same support offered as with Anon 06.51 – if you need any help moving...

Jane D said...

I was a close friend of Simon Tucker whose death at a tragically early age was the cause of the by-election.
I just wanted to thank you and many other of his freinds and colleagues in Newham for the kind things you have said about Simon which have been a great comfort.

Simon will be a hard act to follow and I wish his successor, Steve, the very best.


Anonymous said...

we can build on 35 votes
next an mp
and the a government

towards a "new workers party"

Anonymous said...

Hi John

Are you sure your a member of the Labour or the Nazi party?

I know this is supposed to be your own blog (crap) but your attitude to anyone who does not vote Labour is a disgrace. We do live in a democracy or are you following Weasel Wales line on his Dictatorship?

Your a real F**k Wit.

Sorry for the language but you are.

Anonymous said...

Great result well done