Thursday, March 26, 2009

Off to “The Count” – Royal Docks By-Election

The polling stations have now just closed and I have stopped off to leave the car and make a quick post on this Council by-election in Royal Docks ward in Newham.

I did a couple of hours as a Labour polling agent this morning before having to go off to an excellent UNISON Pension training seminar (post on which to follow) and this evening was “knocking up” in Britannia village and in North Woolwich.

I spent a hour or so in the freezing wind and light rain with Alan Craig of the CPA outside the polling station in Camel Road! I also met the Conservative Candidate, Neil Pearce, for the first time. He said “Hello John” and I responded “Hello Brother Pearce”. Which he took very well.

I’ve got to do it - and I will put my neck on the line and predict the result. Labour won all 3 seats in the 2006 Council election by a fair majority but only by 30 votes in the GLA elections last year (not including postal votes?).

My prediction which will remain in the blogosphere from now on is that Steve Brayshaw will win for Labour by a comfortable margin. At least 100 votes. The Tories will be second, CPA third and Respect last.

Of course - one of the exciting things about politics is when things are close - you never ever really know until the count has finished.

Fingers and toes?


John Gray said...

Victory for Steve!

Anonymous said...

Result here:

Congratulations to Steve.

Anonymous said...

Well done Steve!

Brilliant result.

Chan said...

Result is brilliant. Well done all!

Chan said...

Congratulation Steve.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the continued HELL that is Royal Docks East London.
Some people just don't learn or are so lied to they would believe that this mob can turn water into wine. The money train keeps on moving!

Jez Taylor said...

Pearce (15.04) - you are such a bad loser.

What pathetic Tories.