Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brother Pearce and the collective ownership of the means of production.

Is the Tory candidate for the Royal Docks By-election, Neil Pearce, a militant far left entryist into the Conservative Party?

This question arose following the shock disclosure in local newspaper "Wharf" (no link) that he is also a Shop Steward for the GMB trade union (General Municipal and Boilermakers Union).

This major trade union is affiliated to the Labour Party and has in its GMB rule book (Rule 2.8) "aims" to help elect MPs and Councillors who

are pledged to collective ownership, under democratic
control, of the means of production, distribution and exchange”.

Nice but dim Royal Docks Tory spokesman Anon claimed that they would report anyone who claimed that Comrade Pearce was not a true blue Tory to the Central Committee. While former Newham Labour Councillor turned Tory firebrand, Mike Law, is believed to have rejected any suggestions that Neil was part of a desperate plot by disheartened militant tendency supporters to infiltrate the Conservative Party.

Working class Tory MP and ex-shadow Home Secretary, David Davies (and grandson of revolutionary communists) is secretly pictured above with his Conservative Red Action supporters during his recent coup attempt to become leader of Conservative Party.

Nuff said?


Anonymous said...

On Steve Brayshaws flyer it says

More Buses On The Way!

A better bus service for local people is set to be introduced thanks to local Labour Councillor Pat Murphy.
Supported by Steve , Pat has got an agreement on the table from City Airport to improve the bus service across the community.

The following FOI was requested

Dear Sir or Madam,

Freedom Of Information Request.

On a recent Labour Election leaflet there is the information..

"Supported by Steve , Pat has got an agreement on the table from
City Airport to improve the bus service across our community"

Can I have a copy of this agreement.

The Answer from Newham : There is no agreement although a contribution towards improving public transport is currently being negotiated with the airport as part of the S106 agreement.

As Steve Brayshaw has supported Cllr Murphy can I have copies of all the emails and list of meeting that Cllr Murphy has had with Steve Brayshaw.

We have no information relating to Mr Brayshaw.

Anonymous said...

Actually Steve Brayshaws Interview in The Wharf is far more enlightening

TW - What are your views on the planned flight increase at London City Airport.

SB - I'm on record as having exposed the City Airport expansion and my poistion hasnt changed. (So he is against expansion? A few weeks ago he was for expansion now hes not but the Council is?) However we need to be realistic and accept it has been given approval. (Well actually it hasnt yet - way to know your community Steve) What matters now is that our community benefits and we need to make sure that the airport is a good neigbour.Anyone who needs noise insulation should get it.

Well the last line is actually the best. Huge parts of Royal Docks need it. But are not entitled to it. If your house was built after 1989 you are not entitled to it. But you wouldnt have needed it because it was a prop airport. With the arrival of the jets thats all changed.

Also one of Steve Brayshaws pledges is Noise Insulation for local schools - so an admission that children are learning in dreadful noise?

Slagging of Neil Pearce again? Any chance you will post the latest Steve Brayshaw flyer - Front and Back? Or the one about the airport? Go on - Will save a lot of calls to Steve Brayshaws TRUTH LINE!

Anonymous said...

God you are desperate aren't you John!

Relax, stay calm, you'll pop a blood vessel!

We all know your terrified of loosing, but if you don't play the game right thats what will happen. You've only got yourselves to blame. Riding a Gravy Train as long as LB Newham (Weasel Wales Muppets show) (I do love that name :-)) have and not really dealing with issues in the right way (London City Airport for example)

I'm sure you'll get use to it. And understand after a while.

Remember RELAX!!

Anonymous said...

Former Labour Councillor Mike Law turned Tory Firebrand?

Arent Steve Brayshaws leaflets printed and sponsored by Newham Social Democrat Continuing Social Democrat Liberal Democrat Labour councillor Alec Kellaway?

(Well I presume he is still Labour this week but you never know)

Anonymous said...

Surely it is a good thing that a Tory is a member of a trade union and a rep

trade unions are not socialist organisations, I think it was a shame when the Tories walked out of the unions

because unions should reflect a cross section of society including Conservatives

its if their rascist or anti gay I have problems, but thats the case for any part political person in a union

surely the issue is to expose the contradictions and the Tory partties national hatred of trade unions compared to the fact that rightly or wrongly many of union members vote Tory, Liberal or nationalists

Anonymous said...


John Gray said...

Hi All – BYW Stephen Won and he is now the elected Labour Councillor for Royal Docks

Hi Anon 06.45 & 7.02
Sorry I don’t get your point? The airport will be paying for better transport links? When was Steve “for” expansion?
I refuse to post directly to Tory pornographic sites, you have posted this link already elsewhere.

Hi Anon 13.48
Victory is very relaxing – believe me. Perhaps, you will find out one day? Hopefully not...

Hi Anon 15.08
Since this happened 14 years ago, your point is?

Hi Anon 23.30
Actually I am very relaxed about Neil being a GMB steward. The GMB probably feel differently. In London UNISON we have to my knowledge a Conservative Chair of a LG branch and I understand he is a very good at it. You are quite right that many union members vote Conservative. I think they are mistaken but as long as they are good trade unionists then so what? I will keep on trying to point out to them that many Tories (not all) are instinctively and fundamentally opposed to trade union and decent workers rights. But Neil being a Tory candidate and member of a trade union that has still got a clause 4 constitution is a gift.

Hi Mike
Same as previous comment really. The unions are challenging the basis of this survey but it is no surprise that unite members are angry about what is going on at the moment in the economy. Labour is still in the lead and when it comes to shared values, then Labour is still going to get a majority of votes.

It makes me LOL when I hear Ultra left extremists going on how they represent their members when in fact 98% despise their politics.

Interesting that you believe “The Thunderer” on this point but not others?

Mike Law said...

Hi John,

This is all quite encouraging insofar as it seems this is the one topic area where you acknowledge that things are not black and white (your usual stance, which is ironic considering your name)..

Here, it is perfectly acceptable for a Tory to be a trade unionist - although you think they are misguided with regard to the party they support.

You make the claim that many Tories (not all) are instinctively and fundamentally opposed to trade union and decent workers rights. What do you base this on? Have you surveyed most Tories? Where exactly did you get this from? Evidence?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I get the impression that you see some contradiction in Neil being a GMB shop steward and a Tory. If that is case, do you see a conflict of values?

What is your stance on ID cards?
What were you views on this government's attempts to increase the number of days a suspect can be held prior to being charged?
What do you think of a DNA database for all?
What did you think when this country assisted the US in invading Iraq?
What was your stance when the Mayor announced that he was looking to streamline the refuse collection service and indicated that that may have required outsourcing the function?
Did You support Michael Gavan's stance on the above issue?