Friday, February 13, 2009

Housing Association Branch AGM(s)

I’ve made it so far – only half way through my branch AGM(s) season.

We organise across Greater London so we have four separate meetings across London to enable participation.

The first meeting was on Tuesday at the Family Mosaic HQ near London Bridge (see picture) and the second was held at the Notting Hill HQ in Hammersmith.

Only two more to go – one at East Thames at Stratford and the other will be held in Central London at Hamilton House, WC1.

Check out the HAB website for further details.

I’ve really enjoyed going to these meetings. The meetings themselves (so far!) are very constructive and deal with real trade union issues. Unlike the stuff and nonsense I have come across in the past.

As well as the usual AGM business we discussed concerns about health & safety; pay claims; pensions; changes to "Supporting People" funding and personal data protection (amongst other things) and it makes me realise how much housing association bodies have in common. We all have very similar problems.

The long term solution to many of our problems is increasing membership density and building an effective internal steward and safety rep structure.

So - Yes , we can. Please join UNISON now! (well, everyone else is using this)

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