Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fair Deal on Redundancy

I’ve just emailed my MP to ask her to support the “Unions Together” campaign in support of the proposed bill to increase statutory redundancy pay.

Check out the link here to email your MP. You only need your post code and it took me 2 minutes. Forward the link to as many people as you can.

Many employers do pay above the statutory minimum but unless we get this increased then good employers run the risk of being under pressure to pay less. It would be a race to the bottom that we do not want to take part.

This is the request from Helen at Unions Together

"On Friday March 13th, Lindsay Hoyle MP will be putting forward a Private Member’s Bill in the House of Commons that would uprate the current level of statutory redundancy pay – the minimum that workers can expect to be paid if they are laid off. When it was first introduced, this was more than double the average weekly wage. But because it has not been increased with inflation, it is now worth only half of average pay. This is an important issue for working people, particularly in these turbulent economic times.

Because of the rules on Private Member’s Bills, we need enough MPs to turn up to support the Bill, or any MP who opposes it can just “talk out” the Bill, preventing it even getting to a vote. It is crucial that we ensure there are enough Labour MPs supporting the Bill in the House of Commons on March 13th so it can move forward. That’s where you can help – by writing to your MP and asking them to be in the House of Commons for the debate".

Join "Unions Together" facebook here

UPDATE: I got an email response from my MP Lyn Brown this morning and we will have a "talk" about this issue.

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