Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Untie" – The New Unions?

I’m sure that comrades at the trade union Unite will enjoy their new nickname that scurrilous folk at other unions have dreamed up.

I am sure that a split will never happen, mind you, I enjoyed this press release about the “warm personal friendship” between joint General Secretaries Tony Woodley and Derek Simpson.

Reminds me of what Dave Prentis said at this year’s UNISON conference (it was a joke BTW).


ian said...

Dont think its an issue to celebrate John.
A union like Unite is needed in the private sector. Any alleged disagreements between leaders should not be seen as an oppurtunity to poke fun. Only the Employers benefit from this, as you probably experience in Unison with the current spate of expulsions that have infected the union, we need more unity now than we ever had.


John Gray said...

Hi Ian
I honestly didn’t want to “celebrate” anything. I’ve assumed that these threats about a split are just game playing nonsense. Tony and Derek are tough minded, blunt, independent labour movement leaders in their own right so it is to be expected that they would clash from time to time. Joint GS’s just doesn’t work in the long term but are needed in the short term to reassure and bring union members together.

Unite is the number one union in this country and it should expect some leg pulling from lesser mortals (this is also from a former T&G steward who has mostly fond memories about his first trade union).

All unions expel people from time to time for various reasons. Not sure about the relevance of your comments about UNISON?

Anonymous said...

is that the swp expulsions

or those in unison expelled for using union money to fund their own tiny political groupings at elections

or the right wingers and left wingers who nick branch money

is that what your complaining about Ian

a rule of never expel ultra left wingers is simply wrong