Tuesday, October 07, 2008

World Day for Decent Work: Think Global Act Union

Today is the World Day for Decent Work (WDDW) which is a new designated international trade union campaigning “Day” to promote the concept of decent work.

I went to a series of workshops at the TUC, Congress House. There were events in over 100 countries today.

At Congress house we had international trade union representatives from all over the world, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber (speech here); TUC Deputy General Secretary Frances O'Grady (speech); TUC General Councillor Paul Talbot (and Unite Assistant General Secretary) (speech) and many others.

There were loads of NGO’s speakers and stalls as well.

This is what the WDDW website had to say about the day:-
As every person should be able to have a job that enables them to live a good life in which their basic needs are met, decent work is the focus for World day for decent Work (WDDW). This is an opportunity for trade unions and organisations to join a broad global mobilisation involving a large number of people and a wide range of activities. The activities can be connected with three major themes: Rights at work, a theme dealing with the rights of working women and men; Solidarity, a theme focused on practical action involving cooperation between affiliates on a bilateral or multilateral basis; and Ending Poverty and Inequality, a theme emanating from the new globalisation”.

I have made some notes and will try and post later on about the workshops I attended. Some very good stuff.

I also met for the first time face to face (as opposed to virtual) top “UK Labor geek” TIGMOO and Johninnit blogger John W, who was rushing around organising a WDDW event on “Second Life”.

I’ve stolen the slogan (and main picture above) “Think Global Act Union” from the “Professionals Union” Prospect. Sue Ferns (head of research) used it at the “Decent Work and Human Rights” workshop. There were jokes made by other panel members that they will also “appropriate” this slogan since it is so absolutely encapsulates the spirit of international trade unionism.

After all if property is theft.....


Robert said...

Yes like looking after the people that get injured, accident Sunday sacked Monday. I won my tribunal but the money I had did not replace the bitterness of the feeling you were nothing your were in fact worthless.

Anonymous said...

Great post
Thats why your award winning blog

Anonymous said...

So what are you doing now Robert? Sat around feeling sorry for yourself, or forging a new life?

Robert said...

Well To Day in our local News paper the reporter who has a few awards for journalism states in the past three years our area has lost 3,000 jobs, yesterday in the job center 6 jobs are advertised and all of these were outside the travel to work area. I now work as a benefits adviser at a local charity, I'm taking two courses one paid for by my Union, I'm undergoing another course to help me find work so the job center says.

I help out at a local charity for people who have respite care before there days end.

I coach disability football with severely disabled kids, I've just finished taking a course for my football coaching badge I have two already but need my FIFA badge.

Lets see I go to my job center once a week to be told come back after Christmas.

Anything else you think I can do, pity people like you do not have the guts to use your first name.

John Gray said...

Hi Robert

You have a point about anon - but since you do not identify yourself fully - not a very good one.