Friday, May 16, 2008

Give the Bill Some Balls

Excellent clip posted on YouTube by UNISON Young members on the Climate Change Bill after their conference in Glasgow early this month.

Despite my youthful good looks obviously many will be surprised that I am no longer eligible to be a UNISON young member. But the future of the union seems in good hands.

There are 75,000 young members in UNISON (out of 1.4 million). They think that the Climate Change Bill currently going through Parliament is a good thing but want the government to be bolder and increase the target for the reductions in emissions from 60 to 80% by 2050.

The target should also include air and shipping interests.

They ask for this link to be passed on to MP’s, friends, relatives and work colleagues.

Check out also I Count - Stop Climate Chaos

I noticed in the clip top London regional Young member convener Sarah Lewis and NEC member James Anthony


Anonymous said...

Marsha Thomson is always banging on about being down with the youth but I see she hasn't posted a link to the UNISON youth green video yet. Too busy at the UNISON Ultra Left meeting this Saturday I imagine, gloating over the Labour Party's current woes?


John Gray said...

Now, now Martin
You know that Marsha is never rude about her political opponents!