Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ken Says Thank You

Late last night I received this email from on behalf of Ken thanking all his supporters.

Well done City & East for the 2.9% swing.

Someone has made a comment on a previous post that if there had been a general election in London last week, Labour would have increased its number of MP's?

Interesting that the BNP assembly vote was much higher that their Mayoral vote? Not sure that I share his conclusion that this is because they voted for Boris?

So close, but not close enough. Roll on 2012.

"I am writing to thank you for your contribution to the Mayoral election campaign.

Obviously we did not win, but what was achieved in a very difficult national context was remarkable.

Overall my first preference vote increased by 208,239 - 30 per cent, over 2004 - increasing in every GLA constituency except Bexley and Bromley. In the context of Labour's lowest national vote for some decades that was a remarkable achievement.

In the London Assembly Labour actually won an additional seat and performed better than the national average. In the Mayoral context, I polled nearly 14 per cent more than the Labour vote nationally and nine per cent more than Labour in the London Assembly who themselves polled above Labour nationally.

That achievement of our campaign could not overcome the scale of the swing to the Tories throughout the country and in some London constituencies, notably Bexley and Bromley, Havering and Redbridge and West Central.

The swing to the Conservatives was assisted by the collapse of the Liberal Democrats in London, in part due to the conservative nature of their London Mayoral campaign.

It is noteworthy that a number of parties to the right of the Tories notably the BNP polled much higher in the Assembly list than in the Mayoral vote, suggesting that some of their voters voted tactically for Boris Johnson. The BNP got 61,004 votes more in the Assembly list than in the Mayoral election, for example.

In the City and East division there was actually a 2.9 per cent swing to me in the Mayoral election.

Overall, with more than a million votes the election showed a powerful progressive alliance in London.

There is no doubt that the new Mayoralty will inaugurate decline and division.

I hope you will therefore share my view that progressive London should remain organised and ready to face the challenges to come - including a general election.

Yours sincerely

Ken Livingstone"


Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank Ken, he (and Liebour) helped me (and many) find the BNP.Thanks for turning your backs on the white working class and pandering to the minorities,we all know where we stand now. As they say in the advert,I aint ever coming back.The Tories knocked us down then liebour kicked us in the head.

Andrew Berry said...

“I polled nearly 14 per cent more than the Labour vote nationally”

This should tell you something and as a member of the regional Labour Link committee what are you going to do about it?

Tom Powdrill said...

Hi John

I tagged you - see here:

John Gray said...

Hi Anon
Actually with you we will make an exception and celebrate that you “aint ever coming back”

Please, please don’t vote for Labour! We don’t want an alien, foreign Nazi ideology in our (mostly) green and pleasant land.

John Gray said...

Hi Andrew
Sorry about the delay in responding. Yes, it does tell me something. Ken lost. He lost despite having a strong personal following. He was beaten by Boris because the Tories are now interested in winning elections again and are competing with Labour for the centre ground. Yes, we must motivate and turn out our traditional vote better next time. However, the idea that Ken lost because he was not left wing enough is just plain wrong.

See post on the London Labour Link meeting

Andrew Berry said...

My point John was the opposite as you well know i.e. That Ken is perceived as left wing and is in fact being against the war in Iraq he for a Living Wage and Council Housing etc this lead to him polling far better then Labour as a whole but obviously not enough better that is probably due to the 10p tax debacle. Had it not been Ken and instead some new Labour clone then Boris probably would have won on the first round.

There is good article in our local paper by Jeremy but unfortunately cant find it on line.

John Gray said...

Hi Andrew
But that is my point. Ken is perceived as being left wing and did have a personal vote but he still lost.

The Tories not “left wing” parties increased their vote (not Ken, the greens, CPG, Left list nor Respect) and would have probably beaten anyone in present circumstances.

Maybe its apparent economic competency that wins elections? (Clinton and “it’s the economy stupid”)

Andrew Berry said...

But Ken did increase his vote both in percentage terms (on 1st preferences) and actual vote check it out. Tories increased theirs a hell of a lot more. If Darling had introduced what he has just done today two weeks ago then I think Ken would have won.

The government should pay for change by introducing a 50% rate for those earning over £100,000 especially while the Tories are pretending they are in favour of progressive taxation time to put them on the spot.

John Gray said...

Hi Andrew
Not sure that would have happened? More was needed I think. "Ken" motivated many Tories to go out and vote.

Yes, we should have a higher rate of tax for the £100k plus.