Monday, May 12, 2008

Don’t Give Rich Lawyers 30% of your Compensation.

I was pleased to see that UNISON and the GMB are fighting back against so-called no-win no-fee solicitors, who have been touting for “equal pay” business in East London by running adverts in the local press.

This joint trade union advert (right) put out in response, points out that these solicitors can take up to 30% of any compensation they might win. While UNISON and GMB members get free representation.

People should be very, very careful about all no-win no-fee companies. I have come across cases in the past where claimants are told they will not be charged any fees. Then later they had to pay upfront for an insurance policy to cover legal costs if they lose, or where they have been charged for specialist medical reports or even extra for the cost of a barrister. UNISON will pay all these costs.

Often you are “locked” in when you use a no-win or no-fee solicitor and you have to pay them if you want to switch to other legal advisers.

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