Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Social Worker Stabbed to Death

Yesterday, Philip Ellison, age 47 and father-of- three was murdered at a “Supported Living Facility” in Preston. A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and under the Mental Health Act.

The BBC quotes a UNISON spokesperson saying that this death was "a tragedy" and "illustrates the dangers of this type of job".

Philip’s family have released a statement saying “He was very committed to working in a job he had done for eight years and was known and loved in a variety of different communities and he will be missed by all."

My thoughts are with Philip’s family.

However, while this is obviously a “tragic incidence” and I know nothing about the particular facts of this individual case. I hope that the enquiry into the murder will examine what information was made available to Philip that day about his clients, their friends and family members? Was this information up-to-date? Did all the care agencies (not only the Council, but NHS, Police, Probation, past Housing providers etc) properly share information relating to the risks from clients? Where the risks properly evaluated? Where and suitable and sufficient control measures put in place?

In health and social housing this hasn’t always been the case.

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