Friday, April 25, 2008

Tackling the CPA in Canning Town South

Yesterday evening we had a Newham wide Labour Party mass canvass in Canning Town South. This is one of only 2 wards in the borough that are represented by Non-Labour Councillors. The so-called “Christian Peoples Alliance” (CPA) holds all 3 seats in this ward. Their leader is the awful Old Testament fundamentalist and super egotist Alan Craig.

While I am sure that the vast majority of CPA supporters are sincere about their concerns and beliefs. I believe that Craig has deliberately stoked up division between our communities in Newham in order to appeal to his own vast personal vanity that he is some sort of “an important thingy”. For example he attacks the building of a big mosque in East London despite supposedly being a religious leader himself? Would he object to a big Christian church in Newham? Let me think about this for a moment? Nope, of course not.

Recently Tom Duncan, of the local weekly newspaper, the “Newham Recorder” compared leaflets put out by the CPA with those of the BNP.

We had 50 Newham Labour Party activists out and about in Canning Town South, knocking on doors, delivering leaflets and talking to local people about the forthcoming election.

I ended up in a canvass team with Newham Councillors, Andrew Baikie and Lester Hudson (see action pic at Stubbs Point tower block). I think we had a very good reception. Some of the other canvassers apparently had some problems with BNP supporters. I met no body willing to admit that they supported the CPA (or BNP).

Again, another positive canvass. Must not be carried away by this since most boroughs in London are not currently natural Labour territory.


ian said...

Just in case you hadnt noticed, about 400'000 public sector workers were on strike yesterday 1200 Refinery workers at Grangemouth are out for two days on Sunday.

A lot of these union members belong to unions that donate to Labour. The local elections are on Thursday 1st May.

Have you a view on this?


John Gray said...

Hi Ian
Fair point – but my excuse is that I have been busy with the Labour campaign recently (also pay negs at company). Good luck to the NUT teachers (I wish they could agree a joint strike with the other teaching unions). To be honest I am only just aware of what is going on at Grangemouth. I will always support strikes which are supported by the membership. I may not be always up to speed.

I don't think there is any choice for all working people except Labour.

Anonymous said...

I think you might be jealous.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon