Thursday, April 03, 2008

Labour “Out and About” in Forest Gate North

A quick report from the canvass teams out tonight in parts of Forest Gate, London for the GLA elections.

We had the support of our Labour, West Ham MP Lyn Brown and City & East Assembly member, John Biggs (front Left).

Newham is traditionally one of the safest Labour boroughs in the country. Historically, in General and local elections, Newham CLP's East & West Ham will usually “export” Party activists to campaign in other parts of London and Essex, where there are marginal seats.

While the City and East assembly member will be re-elected by the traditional “1st past the post” system, the Mayor and London wide list members will be elected by PR.

What this means is that every single vote in London will count. So across the borough we will be actively campaigning and canvassing to maximise the vote for Ken, John and Labour.

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